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Scenic Adventure Flight Lesson 
   $350 value 
Your Adventure Flight Lesson includes 30 minutes of ground instruction, 30 minutes of flight simulator instruction, and 30 minutes of flight instruction.  
The headset rental fee for the flight lesson is included. You will receive a complementary subscription to Flight Training magazine and a free log book.  You will receive a $100 voucher that can be used the day of your flight towards enrollment in our school.
The perfect gift for Dad or Grad, Mom, a special birthday, or the best Christmas and Chanukah present ever.*
Begin your Adventure Flight  with 30 minutes of flight simulator instruction with one ofour experienced simulator instructors. He or she will guide you through your first lesson, the four principles of flight; climbs, straight and level flight, turns, and descents.
After your simulator flying orientation lesson you will be given 30 minutes of ground instruction regarding the pre-flight of the plane and explaination of how the flight controls work . You will be instructed how to operate the GPS (global positioning system) avionics that are installed in all of our light sport training aircraft.
You will climb into the cockpit of one of our training aircraft such as the new BRM Aero Bristell.
Your Certified Flight Instructor will takeoff and climb into the blue skies  where you will observe Long Island's beautiful landscape. Do not forget your camera as you will have an opportunity to shoot our beautiful beaches.
You will have escaped the bounds of earth and entered our world.
Repeating what you learned on our flight simulator, your hands are on one of two sets of flight controls and you are flying the aircraft while being observed by your flight instructor.
This part of the Adventure Flight will last about one half hour. You will have a big smile on your face and once again feel like a 12 yr old.
We will email you a picture of yourself standing next to the training aircraft that you can post on Facebook, so your friends will know how cool you are.
You will depart the airport with your complimentary logbook  which legally documents your flight experience.
Learning to fly with Sport Flying USA, Inc. at Brookhaven Aiport will cost much less than other schools. Here is why.
     1. Our 20-hour Sport Flying license can be completed in half the time and half the cost of the typical 40-hour course.
     2. Our curriculum does not required night training. 
     3. Our 20-hour course requires minimum radio communications as there are no jet aircraft and no control tower at Brookhaven airport. Learning to fly at airports with jets and a tower adds substantial cost to becoming a pilot.
     4. All of our sport planes are new and equipped with modern avionics including color GPS. GPS is very simple to use.
     5. Brookhaven is an un-crowded country airport with two 4000' long by 200' wide runways and clear approaches.
     6. Our Light Sport aircraft climbs three times faster than the typical Cessna or Piper aircraft that are used at other schools. This superior climb capability gets the plane to safe and  smooth altitudes quickly. It also allows more landings per hour, which saves the student money.
      7.  Brookhaven Airport has no landing fee for students flying with our school. This saves up to $12.00 per hour for many flight lessons. 
     8. Our sport planes consume only 4 gallons per hour, allowing us to rent them for much less than the competition.
     9. Our sport planes are 7 inches wider than the other  trainers, making them very comfortable for large size pilots. 
   10. Our lessons are conducted 7 days per week rain or shine. We use the Gleim, Red Bird, and Frasca simulators to perform lessons when the weather does not permit flights.
Appropriate for ages 10-80 years of age.
* For $12.95, which includes shipping and handling, we will mail you the DVD, "Your First Few Hours", for viewing before the flying lesson. You can wrap this informative DVD and give it to that special person in your life so they can begin enjoying their gift even before they arrive at the airport. 
                         Happy Flying
                                      Louis Mancuso, President
1300 William Floyd Parkway, Shirley NY 11967
We are located in the Dowling College Aviation School.
Phone: 631-281-5400
 7 days per week  9AM - 5PM
                                                                                                          Nov 2011
To purchase gift certificate call 631-281-5400
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